Guardians of the Galaxy First Look: What We Saw


Marvel was gracious enough to share 17 minutes of exclusive footage of their new feature film Guardians of the Galaxy. Here’s what we saw.

And of course, spoilers ahead.

The preview opened with John C. Riley’s character introducing/checking each of the guardians into prison. It’s pretty much the same scene we’ve seen in each trailer for the movie, with a little more explanation. The biggest reveal from this scene is Gamora (Zoe Saldana) actually being the adopted daughter of Thanos (the big bad in the credits of The Avengers).

We then see all the guardians being walked to their holding cells. The group doesn’t seem to know each other too well. Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) explains to the group that Groot (voiced by Vin Desiel) is only capable of saying “I am Groot,” but Rocket seems to be able to always understand what he means each time he says it. Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) notices a prison guard playing with his tape deck and begins to confront him. The prison guard reacts to the confrontation by electrocuting Star-Lord.


The gang is now in the prison’s cafeteria. A prisoner decided to pick on Star-Lord. Defending Star-Lord, Groot sticks his fingers up the prisoners nose. Rocket announces to the cafeteria that they and Groot are in charge.

Rocket is ready to escape the prison. He explains to the group what he needs to complete his plan. Groot, hearing they need a battery, decides to go get one. He missed the part where Rocket tells them to get the battery last, because it will cause the prison to go into a lockdown.

Cue the action. Groot is shielding Rocket as he shoots both guards and robots. Gamora and Drax (Dave Batista) are kicking and punching their way through. Star Lord is asking for a man’s robotic leg (per request of Rocket).

The guardians meet up in the control tower with all the items needed to escape. Rocket laughs at the robotic leg Star-Lord brings. He didn’t actually need it, and was questioning the man’s reaction to giving up his leg.

The prison guards are about to shoot down the tower. Rocket switches off gravity everywhere in the prison except the room they are in. The prison guards being to float upward. The tower detaches, Rocket flys it towards the exit, and they successfully escape. “That was a good plan,” Star-Lord says.


Extended trailer plays. We see more of the Guardians villain than we’ve seen before.

Another scene is shown. “I have a plan,” Star-Lord states. Rocket tells Star-Lord he can’t copy his saying. Star-Lord admits he has part of a plan, about 12%. “At least it’s more than 11%,” Rocket translates for Groot.


The preview went by really fast, because it was so enjoyable. Even though we only were shown a part of the movie, I can state: I WANT A ROCKET RACCOON (+ GROOT) STANDALONE MOVIE. His character is awesome and hilarious.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014. Will you be first in line when it premieres? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Jymbo Buzbu

    It was epic! I can’t wait for the full movie on the 1st, a local group is putting on a “premiere party” and is gonna have raffles, prizes and souvenirs for sale, so looking forward to it! One tiny thing though: anyone that’s even remotely aware of who the GotG are already knows Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos. But, other than that, yeaaaaah!