PlayStation Now Prices Revealed in Beta

psnow-logoUp until now, anyone lucky enough to get into the PlayStation Now closed Beta had access to the streamable games for free.

PlayStation Now is a service where you are able to stream full PS3 titles and a series of PSN games all from the comfort of your living room. Currently, PlayStation Now is in Beta on the PS4. Sony plans to expand the service to other devices such as the PlayStation Vita and even Smart TVs in the future.

The prices for several games and their allotted rental time now appear in the PS Now Beta. The prices vary game to game, but below are the prices for a few games currently in the PS Now Beta.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

4 Hours- $4.99

7 Days- $6.99

30 Days- $14.99

90 Days- $29.99*

*It should be noted that the current price for the full PS3 digital copy, with no expiration date, of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PSN is $19.99.

Crazy Taxi

4 Hours- $2.99

7 Days- $3.99

30 Days- $5.99

90 Days- $7.99

Price of game on PSN: $9.99

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

4 Hours- $4.99

7 Days- $6.99

30 Days- $11.99

90 Days- $24.99

Price of game on PSN: $19.99

Keep in mind these prices are not 100% guaranteed to stick. These could just be test prices from both Sony and developers to see which prices work best from them and the customer.

PlayStation Now’s Beta will open to all PS4 owners on July 31.

  • Frank the Tank

    With prices like that, I hope they don’t plan on anyone using the service, or making any money off of it.

    Those are outrageous prices. It should be a flat monthly fee, or pay-as-you-go for ALL games, not per-game pricing.

  • David

    Lol they are high if they think anyone is gonna rent a damn game. If these were the prices for a newly released full retail $60 dollar game id be on board barely. But hell would freeze over before I even think about spending that much money to rent a 20 dollar game

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  • Brandon

    The PlayStation Now open beta date is July 31, not July 21. That was revealed at E3. By the way, good job on breaking the PS Now NDA.

  • Gary T Richardson

    Fan of Playstation not a fool for them prices are currently way to high

  • Jeff

    Those prices are insane. I could just buy the game. So renting it for one day would be the same as me buying it and keeping it? Makes no sense and I would never consider renting any games. I thought going digital and things like renting are suppose to be incentives and not a deterrent.

  • Georgel

    i dont believe these prices will be it. These are old games no one really wants. Maybe they will he the prices for a big title but not deus ex or cray taxi. I mean it woukd be more economical to buy a ps3 and buy the games used for lesd than renting for a week

  • Thehelmisl

    After all the wait you come to mock me dony? Deus Ex is available for 10 Bucks in retailers! This joke better be fixed.

  • 3verpwnjng

    I knew this was too good to be true. I thought it worked that if you owned a ps3 game you could now play it on the ps4 FOR FREE no added cost. I’m better off playing steam games on my pc. I may be technically leasing those but at least the lease is for ever. And they have massive sales on the games

  • Anthony

    Old titles at an outrageous price. I really wanted a reason to buy the ps4 – this is not it.

    Personally, I’d pay a high monthly fee to play a bunch of relatively new titles.

  • zer0ne

    I prefer to purchased a disc based game and play when I have the time. Playstation Now sucks big time when comes to time related issues. Why pay when I’m not playing…